Testing the Application of Mepitel Film During Radiation Therapy to Reduce Radiation Related Redness and Peeling in Breast Cancer Patients Following Mastectomy (A221803)


This phase III trial studies how well Mepitel Film works in reducing radiation dermatitis (redness and peeling) in patients with breast cancer during radiation therapy after a mastectomy. Mepitel Film may reduce the severity of skin redness and peeling in the area of radiation.

Key Inclusion Criteria

For a patient to be eligible for participation in this study, all of the following criteria must apply.

  • Histologic confirmation of breast malignancy with TNM staging.
  • Patients must have undergone a mastectomy with or without reconstruction within the past 120 days if not receiving adjuvant therapy, or within 60 days after completion of the last dose of chemotherapy.
  • No prior radiotherapy to any portion of the planned treatment site.
  • No documented history of adhesive or tape allergy.
  • Patients must be scheduled to receive conventionally fractionated photon-based radiation. Patients planning brachytherapy within the treatment field, and patients scheduled to receive bilateral radiation or hypofractionated radiation are not eligible.
  • No active rash or pre-existing dermatitis within the treatment field.
  • No co-existing medical conditions resulting in life expectancy < 2 years.
  • No active collagen vascular diseases (i.e. lupus erythematosus, scleroderma, dermatomyositis).
  • No concomitant cytotoxic chemotherapy. Endocrine therapy and HER2 directed therapies are allowed.
  • No current inflammatory breast cancer, or gross dermal involvement at initiation of radiotherapy.
  • No previous history of organ or bone marrow transplant.
  • Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group (ECOG) performance status 0-1.
  • In order to complete the mandatory patient-completed measures, participants must be able to speak and read English.


Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology